Mud | Sweat | Running

Some nice and nimble rough runners.

Nice and nimble does the job.

OCR runners on the netting challenge.

An awful lot of netting, and some very cold water.

OCR runners on the hanging crawl bars.

An upside down challenge.

Water barrel obsticle at Rough Runner.

Those barrels weigh a ton…

Some very icy water at Rough Runner.

…’s bloody freezing in here!

OCr runners loking totally wiped out.

Beaten into submission….but at least it’s fun!

OCR runner splash landing.

…..splash down!

OCR runner sitting in the mud.

…is it even worth getting up? I could just slither the whole way…

Ocr runners taking a fall at the slide.

Mmmm it’s a sort of Muddy parkour….honestly.

Muddy running shoes and legs.

Those shoes are far to clean.

Runners on the 12 miles OCR with Rough Runner

The 12 mile runners, making good pace.

Comical pigeon suits at this OCR obsticle race.

someone’s culling the pigeons.

Female ocr running team, at rough runner.

Always helps to be part of a good team, and have the right t-shirt.

OCR runners celebrating finshing line.

Comical fails and celebrations, at the ‘travelator’

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