Pop Up Cook Space

There’s been some action in at the new studio/office space, with the delivery of this great looking stainless steel unit from Pop Up Cook Space; a self contained cookery demonstration unit. Photographed with natural light and reflectors… it took a bit of work to get all that steel looking good. I did’nt want it looking to clean and sterile, but it still had to look good! When in use at an event, branding panels would replace the plane white ones.
Photo of an attractive cookery demo unit from Pop Up Cook Space

An attractive stainless steel cookery demonstration unit, from Pop Up Cook Space.

Fedrigoni | Eye Magazine

A day spent at Ripe Digital, briefed to capture a day at digital printing company Ripe Digital. Ripe are one of the pioneers of digital reprographics in the UK, investing in HP’s Indigo system almost a decade ago.The brief expressly required that Fedrigoni products should be clearly featured, and some effort should be made to capture the slightly wacky humorous side to Ripe…… they aren’t your typical printing company.
Digital print operator Nathan, at Ripe Digital.

Editorial photography at Ripe Digital. Commissioned by Fedrigoni UK

Dartington Hall Trust

Three days of photography for Research in Practice. Briefed to capture natural portraits, with plenty of interaction, using ‘real’ people (for want of a better word) rather than models. The aim was to completely restock the clients image library, with fresh relevant imagery and ensuring that model release is obtained for all images.
photos of adults talking, thinking and interacting.

Photos showing thought, emotion, conversation and interaction, a wide brief. Commission by The Dartington Hall Trust.